Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 11th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram And Priya Come Closer


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 11th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram and Priya arguing about the rains. She is blindfold. She asks him to open the blindfold now. He opens the blindfold. He says I can’t hate rains. She sees the surprise date arrangements. It starts raining. He says I can never hate rains, you said you also love it. She says its climate change, come. He says you can never love rains. They go inside the house. She says the rains occurred because of climate change. They start arguing again. She asks is this kerchief for show off. He says you always argue, why are you laughing now. She says I m laughing seeing your face. She jokes on him.

She says my student used to make such face when he didn’t know the answer. He gives the maths answer. He says leave it, no one appreciates me. She says times have changed, its 2022. He says its still the time, roses are to please and kiss is to say I love you, don’t think, I didn’t say anything, relax.

She says I don’t know when did this happen and how, you are special for me, I want you to know this. He says I know this, I want to remove the awkwardness, don’t look at me, I catch a bad sight soon. He goes smiling. Priya thinks how to remove the awkwardness. She goes to Ram. She teases him and acts like him. Ram looks at her. Ram acts like Priya. She says not funny. He says I think you love my jokes, you go and laugh secretly. He lights the candles. He drinks the water and says its bitter, was it alcohol, that’s why I m feeling round and round. She says wait, I never did this, you are lying. He jokes. She says I never compliments your eyes. Ram says wait, before you say anything. He ties his hair. She laughs.

She says you are so cute and hugs him. She unties his hair. She says I like your hair falling on your face. Bade ache lagte hai….plays… Ram kisses on her forehead. Jeena hai….plays… Priya also kisses on his forehead. They hug. He makes her wear the other bangle. Ram and Priya get close.

Its morning, Priya wakes up. She thinks what will I tell him when he wakes up. She recalls their moments. Ram wakes up. She closes her eyes. He thinks she can scold me, I didn’t say her I love you, even she didn’t tell her feelings, she took the first step yesterday. She acts sleeping. He gets a call. He asks does anyone call at this time. Adi says you have to come to court right now. Ram says okay. Priya thinks he isn’t going to office. Ram thinks to leave before she wakes up. He gets ready and leaves. She gets his audio message, sorry I had to go to court for some work. She says he didn’t send me any hug emoji. She recalls their moments. She smiles. Vikrant and everyone are with Ram. Ram checks the land papers. He signs. Adi says you know what happens to him when I tell about that night. Lawyer says congrats, this land is yours now. Ram says why did Sahil Babbar do this. He recalls his dad’s words. Adi says goons were asked to seize the land on 6th June. Ram says dad met with an accident on that night.

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