Cloakzy Leaked Caldera on Reddit? Rumours of Warzone: Pacific leaks by Cloakzy Explored


Roads say there are some leaks related to “Caldera” on Cloakzy Reddit but no one has a clue what exactly it is. We will explain the recent rumours of “Cloxy Read Leaks” here. So keep reading below.

Klozy is a professional gamer, YouTuber and twitch partner known for its Fortnight streams and other gaming content. He also regularly participates in the tournament with fellow Fortnight player Tfue.

Who is Cloakzy

Dennis Lepore, known as Clozy on social media, is an American twitch streamer, YouTube star and professional gamer known for playing Fortnight: Battle Royale.

Klozy first started gaming in 2015 by playing H1Z1, but only became popular when Fortknight was released in 2017 and he had demonstrated mastery of the game. Dennis beat the world record for most eliminations in a single game at Fortknight in 2018 when he eliminated 34 people. He also won the Fall Clash tournament with Turner (TFUE) in 2018.

After his world record, his following began to grow quickly on all platforms. Currently, Klozy has 1.6 million followers on Twitter alone. His Twitter account is @cloakzy handle.

Dennis (Cloakzy) often plays with his partner Tfue casually and in tournaments.

In 2018, Dennis became a member of the FaZe clan and captained his Fortnight roster. He left the group shortly after his partner Turner (Tfue) left in 2019.

What Cloakzy Leaked to Reddit?

In 2018, Dennis became a member of the FaZe clan and captained his Fortnight roster. He left the group shortly after his partner Turner (Tfue) left in 2019.

One person wrote: “@cloakzy heard you’d be seeing some leaks ๐Ÿ‘€ tomorrow.”

Another Twitter user made a similar claim and wrote: Kaldera @timthetatman @drdisrespect and whoever it is, enjoy quick access. Shame they won’t let you all have this stream. Ummid that you’d be in the scenery of the event ๐Ÿ˜‰ I didn’t leak anything I promised. “

Meanwhile, similar posts are appearing on Reddit as well.

A Reddit post reads: “So whatever Cloakzy is the link to the leaks today.

The answer to the question was given by another user who reads “very sure your cod belongs, Tim is completely zlaner and swagg that sounds like something with it, maybe gameplay extra early for them?”

Another readit user claimed that Klokzi leaked goods related to The Caldera Map.

Conclusion: After looking at all the posts on Twitter and Redit, talking about clozi leaked stuff, we can assume that these are just rumours and nothing has been leaked by Klowy yet.

Also, Klozy has not commented after rumours of leaking anything related to the Caldera map or Warzone Pacific

How to play ‘Warzone: Pacific’ and new Caldera map a day early (on August 8)
The ‘Last Hour of Verdansk’ special event begins today at 1 AT/10 PM PT in Warzone. This battle is the epic conclusion for royale map, which will exist for just two days before making way for Caldera on December 9, 2021.

Caldera’t just a new map, either. Warzone is being completely modified. The planes will open the sky for the dog. A WWII theme will completely reshape the game, especially with new more vibrant settings. And the pawn engine will change the feel of the move movement and gunplay, although it remains to see just how much difference it will make.

All this has also led to a big rebranding. The game is now called Pacific: Battlefield instead of Warzone only.

The last hour of Verdansk ends at midnight ET/9 PT tomorrow which will start the point Pacific Update. But Warzone: The Pacific and Caldera map will not come out until Thursday, December 9.

If you want to play the game early one day, on December 8, you will need to buy call of duty: Pawn. Vanguard players get new maps and Warzone: 24 hours of special access to pacific experience. It’s not long to wait for players to play for free, of course.

Other cool things coming to new maps and experience:

The new gulag looks clean. If you win, you return to the map with the gear you used to win in Gulag – which includes too much ammo you left.

Ricoshe anti-cheat hopefully will make the whole experience on PC much less disappointing by stopping fraudsters and hackers from ruining everyone’s fun.

There are a lot of changes in everything from gas masks to loadouts, as well as shallow water you can cross (although not swimming).

Season 1 will link Mohra and Warjon with cross-progression for leveling and battle passes and both games will see new playlists and other content updates.

Here’s Caldera trailer, which is very funny. Basically finally a travel video with some very hilarious disclaimer:

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