David Ellefson Caught Grooming a Young Girl in The Leaked Videos and Video Calls

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Several Videos of David Ellefson and the girl engaging in an online encounter apparently surfaced over the weekend, showing David in compromising situations. The 56-year-old, who has been married for 27 years, acknowledged his involvement with the girl, but clarified that she was not underage, as some have surmised, and that it was consensual.

Megadeth’s David Ellefson facing backlash for several leaked videos and video calls she made with a Teenage girl from Instagram. How David Ellefson’s video calls leaked and who is the teenager in the leaked video calls of David Ellefson, keep reading below for the whole story.

According to details, On May 9, 2021, Several videos emerged on social media show David Ellefson involved in the video calls with a 17-year-old girl from Instagram, ID Edaphosauruses. Due to the nature of the leaked videos, People are calling David Ellefson “a groomer.”

Meanwhile, more of the videos shared on Twitter show, David Ellefson pleasuring himself while talking with the alleged girl on a video call. Reports suggest that he sent these videos to the girl in order to lure her into a physical relationship. Watch the video, below.

Twitter Reacts to David Ellefson’s Leaked Videos

Twitter gone into frenzy after watching the leaked of David Ellefson. People are criticising his actions and many are trolling him with memes. Some people are even furious over the situation and asking Megadeth to remove him from the band.

A Twitter user wrote: “Thank you David Ellefson for ruining Megadeth for all of us. I hope Megadeth removes you from the band and I hope Jackson drops you from their roster. You don’t deserve anyone’s support.”

Despite the statement of David Ellefson and the girl involved with him in the leaked videos, people are angry over him because he is a married man who was cheating on his wife.

“i would like bleach for my eyes after seeing those david ellefson videos pls,” wrote a Twitter user. “just saw a video of david ellefson beating his meat and I wish I could erase that memory coz wif,” another user added.

See more reactions, below.

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