Gigi Hadid address leaked After Bela Hadid Protested against Israel

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Streets are saying that Gigi Hadid’s address leaked After Bela Hadid Protested against Israel. But what are the facts behind these rumors and did Zionists really leaked the address of Gigi Hadid and her daughter Khai? Keep reading to learn about the facts.

Earlier on May 20, 2021, I have seen a TikTok video that says that Gigi Hadid stopped posting about Palestine because the zionist leaked her address where she stays along with her daughter Khai.

Since then many people began reacting on Twitter and warning Gigi Hadid to be careful. Many people even claimed that Gigi Hadid and Bela Hadid were receiving threats from Zionists because they raised their voices for Palestine and against Israeli aggression.

A Twitter user wrote: “After Bella joined the marches for Palestine and shared her posts, she was threatened, and Gigi and Khai’s address was leaked. #FreePalestine #BellaHadid #GigiHadid.”

“You’re telling me Zionists leaked the address where Gigi Hadid and her baby are staying just because Bella protested in solidarity for Palestine, & is now being forced to stop posting about Palestine for the safety of her sister & niece?? Seriously what the f*CK,” wrote another user.

“Bella Hadid lost her contract with Dior and zionists leaked Gigi Hadid’s address just because they actively spoke about what’s happening in Palestine. This is so heartbreaking and terrifying. #WeSupportBellaHadid #freepalestine,” another user added.

Another Twitter user wrote: “it’s so crazy and upsetting how the hands got silenced by the zionists. the zionists leaked the address of Gigi Hadid and her daughter, Khai and that’s so messed up.”

There are hundreds of tweets making similar claims about the address of Gigi Hadid being leaked. See some of the tweets, below.

Despite all the rumors, no reliable source has been confirmed that the address of Gigi Hadid has been leaked. Not Gigi Hadid, nor Bela Hadid confirmed the rumors and said anything about the threats, they are receiving from Zionists.

However, it was observed that Gigi Hadid and Bela Hadid have stopped posting in the support of Palestine on social media.

The very last tweet by Gigi Hadid over the current Israel-Palestine situation was made on May 16, 2021. Since then, Gigi Hadid and Bela Hadid are silent over the issue and more than 10 million Twitter followers of Gigi Hadid are waiting for her say over the rumors about her address being leaked.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, the very last post about Israel, which Gigi Hadid shared with her 66.6 million followers, was about five days ago on May 15, 2021.

Meanwhile, her sister, Bela Hadid is also Silent over the issue since May 15, 2021. See Bela Hadid’s last post in the support of Palestine, below.

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