1o Things Destroy Your Computer slowly

1o Things Destroy Your Computer slowly

1. Things DP.C.C.troy Your Computer slowly.

Most of the people in this world have a computer. Computers make our work easier and we should also pay attention to it. The ten(10) common mistake that people are making which destroy your computer slowly.

2. Using extension cable instead of the power strip.

Unexpected power cuts can lead not only to instant data loss but also to the processor burning. Sometimes lightning also can damage PC through cable, and you also can get shocks. To protect yourself and minimize all risks you must use power strip instead of the usual extension cord. It will let you turn off the power supply in time of strong current drops or for the same reason, don’t keep constantly plugged in your P.C.

3. Being impatient as your turn on or restart your.

After showing welcome messages on your P.C., it still needs sometimes to turn on completely, and inpatient gives so much pressure to your PC that can’t be handled by your operating system which causes freezing of O.S. and destroying of data.

4. Not paying attention to your software.

If you want to run your operating system smoothly for many years, then follow the following things:

• Keep track of what you’re installing

• Clean the registry often and temporary files

• Use original drivers if possible.

• Regularly scan your computer and get rid of a virus

5. Plugging into the power source without.

Removing the laptop battery.
emoving the battery from your laptop is a good idea- if you use your laptop while charging. If you leave it inside, it will become less productive over time.

6. Transporting laptop in sleep mode.

If you are travelling for a long-distance carrying laptop, then make sure your laptop is shut down. Sleep mode is good while using it at home or office because laptops don’t handle active, which can lead to serious software problems.

7. Using a cheap power supply.

If your original charger is damaged or lost, then don’t ever try to use a cheap power supply or borrow old friend charger. It is very important to use the original charger for your laptop. If you feel it doesn’t really matter, then you are destroying your battery as well as a motherboard.

Heat is the worst enemy of your laptop. If your laptop is too hot, then leave it for some time or use an external cooling system. It increases your laptop lifespan.

8. Installing and uninstalling lots of programs.

Install and uninstall of programs takes different space in a previously installed program on disk called disk fragmentation. It slows your system. To solve this problem, use disk defragmenter and don’t forget to delete temporary files to make more space on your disk.

1o Things Destroy Your Computer slowly

9. Cleaning screen in the wrong way.

If you still use some liquid to clean your screen, then it damages your screen. Use a microfiber or soft fabric to clean the screen of your gadgets screen.

10. Keeping gadgets plugged in.

It is good to use gadgets but bad, if you forget to unplug it after laptop shutdown. Even the laptop is shut down gadgets consumed the charger and slowly drained your battery.

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