Lovi Assumi NorthEast Viral Video – Reality Of Lovi Assumi Leaked Video – Check Lovi Assumi Rape Case Latest News and Details

The most stunning news is searching for the thought of the country which obliges us to feels that even in the midst of such catastrophes, the humankind of people has passed on. By far most of you recently watched a video that is correct now getting popular online on the various establishments of electronic media in which a northeastern man is getting truly misuse. In the video, the substance of the charges is obviously clear. This threatening video is explaining two or three people of Rajasthan particularly in Jodhpur where a north Eastern youngster who is basically from Nagaland had of late finished everything. Kiran Rijiju the minister of Association Sports and Youth Issues has declined that this video isn’t associated with the scene of Jodhpur.

Lovi Assumi News NorthEast

23rd May 2021 that is Sunday, a northeastern man who was 25-year-old had finished everything in the area Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The man was on a very basic level from Niuland in Dimapur and came to Jodhpur searching for work and working in “New Squeeze Eatery”. Her body was hanging from the lure in her room where she was living on rent. The support for his death was alluded to as “Trademark implosion”. Her neighbor found her dead body at the start of the day.

Reality Of Lovi Assumi Leaked Video | Northeast Girl Incident Viral Video

Assam Police is also doing an investigation about northeast girl incident viral video and publish a post regarding this on Facebook as below

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