Pokemon GO Promo Codes- Newly Updated September 2022


Pokemon Go is a mobile game that was developed and released by Niantic in partnership with Nintendo. It’s a world-wide phenomenon which has already been played over 1 billion times and is rated as the most enjoyable game of all time. It’s totally free to play comes with numerous reality elements available for IOS and Android. If you get to an upper level you can earn rewards as well as the ability to collect items. It is possible to join forces with other trainers in order to obtain more powerful pokemon to fight.

In this game you will be able to train your Pokemon and organize battles in between. The Pokemon that can beat all the others will be the leader of the gym. You can color and draw it in the colors of its team. Join the group of people from all over the world , who are searching for pokemon while exploring their world.

In this game, you will be able to earn free pokemon coins Pokemon balls, revives eggs incubators, berries lucky eggs and other game-related rewards. The easiest method to receive these rewards is to trading in codes.

How to apply Pokemon GO Promo Codes?

You can copy and paste the given code directly

So, if you’re hoping to receive these thrilling prizes without cost You’ve come to the right spot. We’ve listed some codes to help you receive the rewards. Let’s begin without delay.

New Pokemon Go Promo Codes

Pokemon Go codes supply you with important in-game items and rewards , making the job of trainers a breeze. The problem is getting these codes first. This is where we step in because we’ll provide all the most recent Pokemon Go codes in this guide, so that you don’t have to look elsewhere to earn the rewards you deserve.

This guide will be updated every time there are any new Pokemon Go promo codes and we advise bookmarking it and returning frequently to check whether there are any new codes. We’ll also eliminate expired codes and include the codes below, so that you don’t need to worry about using codes that are no longer working.

We’ve got every bit of Pokemon Go content you could ever require at Pocket Tactics. If you’re an avid fan of the monster hunter, be sure you check out the Pokemon Go updates, Pokemon Go raids, Pokemon Go event as well as Pokemon Go Update guides. Let’s check whether we can find you some Pokemon Go codes.

Since the beginning I stated that you can earn many exciting rewards when you redeem Pokemon Go codes instead of making it harder. These rewards consist of a range of items, including Pokemon coins for free pokémon ball, revives eggs, berries, lucky eggs, and many other related items.

Within this area, you’ll see the list of these codes.

Before you start moving towards the list, ensure you get your rewards within the specified time limitation. All codes have an expiry date, and once the expiry date is over, they are no longer of usage.

  • E9K4SY77F5623
  • UWJ4PFY623R5X
  • 9FC4SN7K5DAJ6
  • 9FC4SN7K5DAJ6
  • UWJ4PFY623R5X
  • 6W2QRHMM9W2R9

Get More Pokemon Go Promo Code-

Niantic announces updates to Pokemon Go codes fairly often however, it can be difficult to locate. Keep up-to-date with Pokemon Go’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts is a great option, but it can keep you updated with giveaways. However, we keep this guide updated daily with new codes, therefore it’s worth checking back.

How to Apply Pokemon GO Promo Codes 2022

  • To start the game, then tap the main menu button and click.
  • You will then have to click on the Shop button.
  • In this section, you must input the promo code we’ve listed in the Promo codesection.
  • At the end of the day it is up to you to be able to claim your prizes and enjoy your rewards in the game.

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