Who is Amyellestrange on Twitter – OF model Amy Elle responds to critics on TikTok

Watch amyellestrange Twitter pictures and know the whole details about 29-year-old mom and Only-fans model, who is currently facing criticism and body-shaming on TikTok.

TikTok is a platform for entertainment and it is for all. But sometimes the atmosphere on TikTok gets toxic when people start targeting someone with logic or sense. Sometimes, people on TikTok go beyond the limits without realizing one’s feelings, emotions, and even privacy. Similar is the case with Amy Elle (Amyellestrange), a 29-year-old woman who is being targeted for her body shape.

Have you been on TikTok recently? If you were there during the past one week, you may have seen people body-shaming a 29-year-old mother, Amy Elle, whose fault is nothing but only that she is an Only-fans model and making her living by selling her content.

Who is Amyellestrange (Ame Elle) on Twitter and TikTok

Elle, popular by her social media name ‘Amyellestrange’ is a 29-year-old Only-fans model who sells her exclusive content for a monthly subscription fee at the UK-based platform.

She has 5,722 followers on Instagram where she posts her exclusive pictures. Her Instagram account ID is Amy.stranger.

She has 300 followers on TikTok and four thousand followers on Twitter. She is known as Amyellestrange on Twitter and TikTok.

Amyellestrange Response to TikTok criticism

Recently, Amy Elle is facing criticism on TikTok and TikTok users are body-shaming her. Many people are criticizing her profession as an Only-fans model and demanding she should cover herself because she is a mom.

However, Amyellestrange responded to the critics by making a statement on Twitter and by posting a couple of videos on TikTok as well.

She wrote in a tweet: “I have a kink for knowing that comments on TikTok calling me fat and gross have tripled my monthly earnings overnight 👌 “

Meanwhile, she posted a couple of videos on TikTok in the response of the trolling and criticism she has faced recently. In the caption of the video, Amy Elle wrote: “When they tell me to get into shape but then I remember I sell my noodles and corn to men who love stretchmarks and imperfection and I wouldn’t change anything in my body.”

Watch her video, below.



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You can watch more pictures of Amy Elle on her Twitter page here.

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